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Streamlining the Healthcare Process

The future of healthcare is data-driven.

RemitOne™ allows for complete and accurate documentation and coding to be handled automatically with built-in compliance.


Transforming Healthcare with
Artificial Intelligence

RemitOne™ uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing tools to effectively decrease the administrative burden associated with capturing the data needed to support filing healthcare claims.


Increases Patient Engagement

RemitOne™ frees providers from having to enter EHR data at the point of care, enabling them to spend time connecting with patients without distractions.


Improves Accuracy
& Compliance

RemitOne™ accurately interprets, documents, and codes the outpatient visit then automatically enters it into the provider’s clinical information system.


Reduces Revenue

RemitOne™ ensures real time adjudication and claims processing without the fear of an error, which reduces coded related rejects, revisions, and denials.

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With RemitOne™, payors get accurate, thorough, and reliable claims data with the first submission because complete documentation is captured at the point of care.


Reduce Burden & Decrease Costs

Watch RemitOne™ reduce administrative burden for providers and payors at the point of care while ensuring a high standard of regulatory compliance is upheld.

About RemitOne™

RemitOne™ works at the point of care as a front-end clean claims processing technology through voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that not only capture the patient encounter, but generate a structured medical record of the encounter and translate it into an electronic claim form that is submitted to the payor. This streamlined approach enables physicians to focus solely on their patients – without the burden of data entry and complex coding while knowing a high standard of regulatory compliance is upheld.

Our Goal

Improve encounter data, increase efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and decrease audits.

Increase in Timely Claim Filing

Increase in First-Time Clean Claim Submissions

Decrease in Denied Claims

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